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In this episode of Future Sight, host Kary Bheemaiah speaks with Rita Martins, who was recognized on the 2020 Women in Fintech Powerlist and is Head of FinTech Partnerships at HSBC. She manages partnerships with startups and facilitates collaboration between FinTechs, Web3 Startups and traditional financial services.

Kary and Rita examine how AI analytics can now be used to see trends in the past and help provide insights into the future. However, more time is spent determining the difference between too early or unscalable Web3 concepts and Web3 concepts. those that are advanced enough for appropriate partnerships. Our hosts also point to a lack of awareness surrounding the many roles that don’t require technical skills such as coding to work with Web3 technology or in the FinTech industry.
With the door to the metaverse already open, companies need to assess whether Web3 technology can be used to meet the demands of a changing market and rising customer expectations.

Listen now to discover the secrets of Web3 and the future of finance.

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