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Thoroughbred horse racing metaverse Silks has announced a compelling Black Friday Deal, bundled together a Common Silks Genesis avatar and a racehorse for just $750 with a 25/30% discount off the actual price depending on the ETH price (the avatar price is 0.25 ETH with the horse price being $750). The offer will be live from Friday morning to Monday evening.

An offer not to be missed

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses was one of the most anticipated NFT collections this year. Unique digital collectibles reflect real-world Thoroughbred horses in the Metaverse. They track the lineage, physical traits, development, productivity, and life events of their IRL counterparts on the blockchain.

Since thoroughbred yearlings sell for a fortune each year before their first race, the Silks 2022 Genesis Yearling sale receives widespread attention. Silks Racehorses will mature with Yearlings. Additionally, they will accumulate rewards for holders each time the IRL Thoroughbred wins a race or breeds offspring. The current crop of yearlings will start racing next year.

Both crypto and non-crypto users source NFTs because of their collectible value and earning potential. However, users must hold Silks Genesis avatars to participate in the sale. Silks Genesis avatars represent the unique identity of each participant in the Silks metaverse.

The first batch of Silks Genesis avatars sold out of the supply of 5000 within days, eventually taking it to the top of NFT sales on OpenSea. The project has reopened the SilksGenesis avatar collection to meet growing demand and make the metaverse accessible to a wider user base. A majority of the second series of 5000 is now sold out. But you can grab what’s left of the collection from the official website or buy one from OpenSea. When buying used, make sure the Avatar hasn’t used up their 2022 Genesis Yearlings Sale Mint Pass yet.

With the Silks Crypto Black Friday Deal, users can get a common Silks Genesis avatar and a racehorse delivery pass for just $750. This is a godsend, considering the growing demand for Silks NFT.

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High profile investors are sourcing silk

NFT collectors who hold top assets such as CryptoPunks, CloneX, Autoglyphs and Mutant Ape Yacht Club are adding NFT Silks to their wallets. Despite the bear market conditions, Silks is seeing strong demand from the crypto and thoroughbred horse racing communities.

Since thoroughbred horses are beyond the financial reach of most, small investors and thoroughbred fans buy Silks horses instead to profit from the underlying IRL horse.

Much of the popularity of Silks Genesis avatars can be explained by the excitement around the upcoming Silks metaverse. The spin-off virtual world will introduce gaming business models with a wide range of revenue opportunities for NFT holders.

For example, there will be horse farms and stables in the Silks metaverse, just like the real world. Users can buy or rent Silks Land plots and monetize them. Pinhooking and estate sales are other great earning opportunities. Land, Stables, and Horse Farms are also launching as NFTs on Silks. As the metaverse grows and evolves, monetization opportunities will also increase.

Silks is the first project to bring the thrill of multi-billion dollar thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse. The unique approach helps it leverage both crypto and non-crypto sides of the world. Since thoroughbred horses compete for over $1,000,000,000 in prize money, Silks racehorses make one of the top NFT investments for 2023.

Claim your Silks avatars before the prize takes off

There are only 10,000 Silks Genesis avatars. If you plan to join the game and collect rewards in 2023, you need to grab them now. Although you can still buy a Silks avatar in the secondary markets, the price might not be in your favor in the coming months.

The unique combination of colors and patterns of a Silks Genesis Avatar creates a unique “crest” that represents the holder’s dynasty in the Game of Silks. Any assets you own in the Silks metaverse will be showcased by theme.

Here are some of the main benefits and privileges of owning a Silks Genesis avatar:

  • Race rewards in the silks game
  • Lifetime pass to annual yearling sales
  • Unique characteristics and rarity that determine its value
  • A fully functional 3D character to navigate the Silks metaverse.
  • Exclusive experiences, giveaways and IRL events

The wide range of income streams on Silks, combined with its derivative composition, makes Silks Genesis Avatars and Silks Horses two of the best NFT collections this year.

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