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United States, September 16, 2022, On July 1, 2022, Singapore Davis Fund and Singapore Museum Artwork, together with global blockchain community DAO, launched MANFT’s world’s first Defi consumer LP model, and will be listed on Pancake (pancake.swap ) on October 1. MANFT will open its green app and launch its global roadmap. MANFT is the first NFT art collection token, which presents the content economy and the token economy in a multidimensional way, creating a metaverse co-created by creators and collectors, presenting a multidimensional and interesting world.

As for NFT, it features non-fungible tokens, it is different from BTC and ETH, because they are homogenized and divisible, you can find the two same between them, however, NFT is indivisible, you cannot find the same two NFTs, so it’s unique. It can be seen that blockchain has seen rapid development in just a few years, from the budding of 2017 to smart contracts, from DeFi to GameFi in 2020, and right after 2021, NFT is undoubtedly the hottest topic, growing more users are starting to participate in NFT. The pace of blockchain is only accelerating and not stopping, and NFT2.0, followed by WEB3.0, and DAO are knocking on the door of the metaverse. It can be seen that with the participation of more people, the development of blockchain will take a big step forward.

It will open up a real virtual world, because NFT can make every brick, every tile, every decoration and every wheel in the virtual world belong to its owner in a real sense. Anyone can get their data there, the so-called metaverse, the promising virtual world.

Moreover, it will open the real world and the virtual world. As long as consensus is reached, all physical assets can be NFT, which means anyone can easily turn their assets into NFT, including photos, arts, etc. At that point, when NFT and DEFI are combined, all transaction costs will be lower than we can all imagine, which would benefit and shake us all.

Seizing this opportunity, the Singapore Davis Fund and the Singapore Museum Artwork have joined forces with the global DAO blockchain community to open a new eco-friendly application of MANFT, and the world’s first Defi consumer LP model of MANFT is seeing the day.

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