SUI Team’s Temporary Proposal Lead to an Operation Error on OKX

On the 3rd of May, the top crypto exchange platform OKX announced listing the exclusive crypto token SUI for spot trading. Nonetheless, an accident took place afterwards due to some changes. The crypto exchange has opened up on the respective matter. In addition to this, Star Xu (the CEO of the company) has also commented on the issue to inform the community about what happened.

Provisional Modification Proposal by SUI Team Causes a Bug Hindering Order Cancelation on OKX

The founder shared on Twitter that an issue was witnessed by the consumers trading with the SUI tokens. As per the executive, the consumers were complaining about being unable to cancel their orders. While considering this, he advised the consumers who cannot terminate the orders and have purchased the SUI tokens at a value of above 1.3 USDT. As per him, the clients coming in the above-mentioned category will be given compensation.

In addition to this, he also mentioned that a comprehensive announcement with great details will be shortly shared by the platform. On the other hand, the official Twitter channel of the crypto exchange’s help desk pointed out that the company’s team is aware of the matter of cancellation. It also disclosed that the team knows about some consumers being affected in this respect.

According to the help desk, the team is making efforts to resolve the issue. Apart from that, the firm apologized for the inconvenience faced by the consumers. Moreover, it also assured the customers that the issue will soon be resolved. Furthermore, the platform revealed that the management is focusing on the orders that got stuck. The CEO added that the company’s engineers are looking into the matter.

After some time, the chief executive officer brought to the front the reason behind this issue. As per him, the SUI team proposed. It was a temporary proposal for the modification of the listing time. The respective move paved the way for a delay. In the meantime, due to the proposal, the developers operating on OKX, unfortunately, forgot to provide the latest update regarding the listing time.

OKX Developers Detected and Fixed the Issue

As a result of this, a few trading modules did not have the listing-time update which ignited an obscure bug within the crypto exchange’s system. Because of that bug, a few orders reached a conclusive state, appearing to be live. This disabled their cancellation. The team at the platform took some time to detect and resolve the issue.

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