Surging Momentum for Yachtify (YCHT) as Chiliz (CHZ) and Kucoin (KCS) Take Varying Price Trend

Yachtify has been gathering heightened momentum since the presale phase started. This is due to the increasing number of investors who have recognized the huge potential of Yachtify and are thereby entering the market to be a part of the project.

Meanwhile, the Chiliz (CHZ) token has been going through a rather static price action while the Kucoin (KCS) token is outrightly nosediving.

Unmoving Chiliz (CHZ) Price Action Leaves Investors Uncertain

Chiliz (CHZ) has been going on a horizontal-level price action for quite a few days now and it is leaving investors wondering where the price action will tilt at any moment. Standing on the current price value of $0.12, Chiliz (CHZ) hasn’t seen a significant price change in the last 24 hours. The last 7 days also show that Chiliz (CHZ) added exactly 0.0% in value. The only significant price change of Chiliz (CHZ) can be traced back to the last 14 days when Chiliz (CHZ) added +6.3% in price value.

The market cap of Chiliz (CHZ) is $686M while the trading volume of the coin is $57.54M. The circulating supply of the coin is 5.34B.

Currently, analysts are suggesting that Chiliz (CHZ) is gearing up for a rally. However, while Chiliz (CHZ) is a promising coin, we suggest you invest in a high-potential project like Yachtify.


Kucoin (KCS) Token Continues Bearish Run

Another day sees Kucoin (KCS) token extend its bearish run in the crypto market. At the current price of $7.64, Kucoin (KCS) token lost -2.5% in the last 24 hours. This significant price loss of Kucoin (KCS) is coming after yet another -6.5% and -6.3% loss in value in the last 7 and 14 days respectively. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the bearishness of Kucoin (KCS). 

The market cap of Kucoin (KCS) is $741.17M while the trading volume of Kucoin (KCS) is $2.51M as per the last 24 hours. The circulating supply of Kucoin (KCS) tokens is 96.97M.

Yachtify (YCHT) momentum Rises as More Investors Discover the Monumental Potential of the Project.

The crypto market is currently rocking to the waves of Yachtify as the project kicks off its presale phase in earnest and many investors have decided not to be left out as they buy into the project. It is not difficult to see why the Yachtify project is making waves. Yachtify is poised to become the world’s first exclusive club on the blockchain network where members can buy, sell, rent, or own luxury boats and yachts.

The Yachtify project which is statistically looking to become the next blue-chip crypto investment platform will potentially bring significant profits to investors. Presale investors will earn a revenue share of the platform’s fees for as long as they hold the YCHT token. What’s more, members can trade fractionalized NFTs that represent real-world luxury properties like boats, yachts, and jet skis. 

At just a price of $0.10, investors can buy into a project that is worth $100+ billion. As most experienced investors know, investing in projects early is where exponential gains are made. 

SolidProof Network has backed the Yachtify project by passing its audit before launch. The liquidity of the token will be locked for life which ensures the safety of investments from investors. 

We believe that the Yachtify project is going to be a promising and profit-making project which you should check out below:

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