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Suspicious transactions on centralized exchanges: Crypto Reporter
  • According to Collins Wu, the crypto community suspects the pump and dump is happening on the Binance exchange.
  • Repeated instances of token flushing shortly after listing save.
  • All of the cases reported so far have occurred on the Binance exchange, Wu says.

There is a hint of foul play among some newly listed tokens in the blockchain industry. A trend has been observed suggesting conspiracy or negligence involving certain players in the cryptocurrency industry.

Initial reports from popular Chinese crypto journalist, Collins Wu, revealed that an anonymous wallet address bought 6193.46 RPL 10 minutes before Binance released the RPL listing announcement, and sold them all 10 minutes after. announcement, making a profit of US$55,400. In the same report, he noted that all USDT and ETH used in the transaction came from OKX.

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