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Swiss High Frequency Trading (HFT) platform for digital assets, Portofino Technologies has raised over $50 million in funding to drive the adoption of digital assets by institutional investors and Web3 companies. The tour was supported by Valar Enterprises, Global Founders Capital and Coated.

Founded in 2021 by former Citadel Securities executives, Leonard Lancia and Alex Casimo, the startup aims to offer liquidity on the largest centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and provides services to institutions and Web3 projects that require digital asset liquidity. With its HFT technology, the crypto-native company has forged partnerships in the Web3 ecosystem to support Web3 projects and protocols.

Leonard Lancia, CEO and Co-Founder of Portofino, said, “Our liquidity provisioning infrastructure can deliver tremendous benefits to digital asset players around the world and drive the next stage of adoption. This is just the beginning for Portofino. In Web3, every action is a transaction and we are building the underlying technology that will enable entirely new services and industries in the future.

Alex Casimo, COO and Co-Founder of Portofino added, “Only companies with cutting-edge technology will be able to realize the tremendous opportunities available in the growing Web3 ecosystem. That’s why we decided to make Portofino a technology company, not a trading company.

James Fitzgeraldfounding partner of Valar Ventures, added, “As the digital asset market continues to rapidly grow in size and complexity, Portofino’s proprietary technology, which enables the frictionless transfer of digital assets, will become increasingly important to institutional and retail players in the space.”

Olivier Samwer, founder of Global Founders Capital concluded, “The platform solves the problems that players in the digital asset market face today. We are confident that this is the right team to facilitate the next stage of institutional and retail participation in this market. »

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