SYNTHR DeFi Joins The Shardeum Ecosystem to Provide Frictionless Interoperability and Slippage-Free Multichain Liquidity

The decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape is ever-evolving, and with each fresh addition to the ecosystem, we are one step closer to a truly global, borderless, and open financial system. In a recent blog post, SYNTHR DeFi announces its integration with the Shardeum ecosystem. This strategic partnership is set to shape the platform’s accessibility by offering users frictionless interoperability and slippage-free multichain liquidity, ushering in a new era of seamless and efficient digital asset trading.

SYNTHR DeFi Bridges The Blockchain Gap

Shardeum recently announced the addition of SYNTHR to its ever-growing ecosystem. As an innovative omnichain synthetic asset protocol, SYNTHR promises to provide users with seamless access to frictionless interoperability and slippage-free multichain liquidity, taking the DeFi space to new heights.

At the heart of SYNTHR lies a suite of cutting-edge systems that focus on collateral management, risk mitigation, price stability, cross-chain interoperability, and compossibility. The implementation of SYNTHR’s robust framework has been made possible by two key developments in the decentralized ecosystem:

  • The Advent of Efficient Oracle Networks: As the backbone of advanced smart contracts, efficient oracle networks supply tamper-proof inputs, outputs, and computations. These networks ensure the accuracy and security of data, paving the way for SYNTHR’s sophisticated financial systems.
  • The Evolution of On-Chain Debt Management Principles: By maintaining protocol solvency and liquidity, these principles provide a stable foundation for SYNTHR’s operations. This stability enables the platform to offer users unprecedented access to advanced financial tools and services.

The protocol employs the Global Debt Model for minting syAssets, which users can then utilize to engage with a comprehensive ecosystem of modules. These modules enable a multitude of functions, including capital-efficient multichain liquidity access, slippage-free exchanges, genuine and sustainable farming, and secure bridging. Uniquely, SYNTHR is the sole synthetic asset protocol that operates external DEX processes to guarantee that syAssets’ DEX prices remain pegged to their oracle prices through the use of a proprietary peg-protection algorithm.

SYNTHR Provides Easy Swap Without Bridges

Shardeum is a linearly scalable, EVM-compatible smart contract platform that perpetually offers low gas fees while preserving genuine decentralization and robust security through dynamic state sharding. By employing dynamic state sharding, Shardeum achieves linear scalability. As new nodes join the Shardeum network, the transactions per second (TPS) capacity increases instantly, guaranteeing consistently low transaction fees even as network usage expands.

With the partnership between Shardeum and SYNTHR, users will now get several benefits, including easy swap of their assets without bridges. The integration of SYNTHR into the Shardeum ecosystem will bring a wealth of benefits to users, including:

  • Effortlessly swap between assets on any chain without slippage or the need for bridging, streamlining the trading experience.
  • Mint synthetic assets by staking collateral (ETH, USDC, and USDT) and contribute syAsset liquidity to partner DEXs. As a reward, liquidity providers (LPs) will earn not only swap fees but also a portion of protocol fees.
  • Enjoy chain-agnostic price exposure to a wide range of assets. Users can gain price exposure to assets outside their native ecosystem through synthetic forms, expanding investment opportunities.
  • Establish cross-chain CDPs by collateralizing on one chain and minting on a second chain, providing increased flexibility in managing digital assets.
  • Trade cross-chain futures, options, and perpetual swaps by collateralizing on one chain and executing trades on a more gas-efficient chain, optimizing the trading experience.

As SYNTHR integrates into the Shardeum ecosystem, the two platforms will work together to bring enhanced tools to the DeFi landscape. With their combined expertise and innovative technologies, Shardeum and SYNTHR are poised to deliver new investment opportunities and drive mass adoption of DeFi solutions.

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