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As the crypto winter begins to thaw, investors are looking to spot high-potential coins now, before the bull market really begins. Long-term investors can benefit from being patient, as crypto exchanges currently have generally low prices. New investors, however, could transform their digital portfolio by jumping on the back of new coins with a meteoric rise to success. big eyed room (BIG), Dash 2 Trade (D2T) and Bonk Inu (BONK) seem to be the most successful new coins on the market and just might be your ticket to success as their popularity and value skyrocket.

big eyed room

Big Eyes Coin Raised $17.5 Million

The new sensational coin, Big Eyes Coin, is already extremely popular and will debut on the Ethereum network. The meme coin has a cute cat token unlike the dog-related coins that previously dominated the market, and has a strong community base. The project is currently in its ninth presale stage and has raised over $17.5 million. This coin demonstrates an astronomical ascent in its early stages, and experts predict it will only continue.

The project aims to increase adoption of DeFi by bringing money into the ecosystem and improving accessibility. He will benefit from the popularity of the coins even on social networks, the advantages of DeFi and the demand for his NFT Sushi Crew.

big eyed room

Big Eyes Coin is likely to continue to achieve project goals given its promotional offers and incredible charity portfolio. Currently the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 gives buyers a whopping 200% bonus on their purchases, helping to build buzz around the new coin. Additionally, the project reserves 5% of all supplies to donate to organizations working to save the ocean. This piece should not only be hugely successful, but it is also more socially responsible.

big eyed room

Dash 2 Trade sees its price increase by 72.8%

One of the most exciting new projects of 2022, Dash 2 Trade is a crypto intelligence and analytics platform and ended its pre-sale just two weeks ago. The project is now on major exchanges such as, LBank, Changelly Pro and Uniswap. Many AI-powered tools and features are available on the platform, including social metrics data, on-chain indicators, trading signals, presale insights and risk profilers, a back-testing for strategic decisions and whale alerts. Following an impressive pre-sale, since its launch, the price of the coin has increased by 72.8% from $0.04159 to $0.0113. This coin is surely one of the big names of 2023.

big eyed room

Bonk – The best dog?

Bonk Inu was the first dog coin on the Solana network and was designed to support the Solana community following a severe Solana price crash. Bonk tokens were issued in December 2022 and many landed in the digital wallets of leading NFT investors and developers, which immediately had a positive effect on Solana’s price as well as the community. Since the release of its tokens, the price of Bonk coins has increased by 1192.24% – a truly impressive increase that seems to have surpassed many of its competitors.

Final Thoughts

All three coins especially have great potential to do well in 2023, but which one is set for a meteoric rise? Big Eyes Coin is already hugely popular after raising $17.5 million and is expected to be hugely successful throughout its pre-sale and post-launch.

Dash 2 Exchange offers a wide range of AI-powered tools and features, making it a valuable resource for crypto investors and traders.

Bonk Inu’s impressive price increase since its launch has outperformed many of its competitors. While Dash 2 Trade and Bonk Inu have performed remarkably well, Big Eyes Coin has already shown remarkable interest in its pre-sale, raising $17.5 million. There’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t continue as the pre-sale continues apace.




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