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This is an opinion piece by Mark Maraia, an entrepreneur, author of “Rainmaking Made Simple” and a Bitcoiner.

“What is your relationship with money?”

I would say that is a more intimate question for many than “Are you happily married?”

I’m sure most readers have never thought deeply about their relationship to money. Those raised with a scarcity mindset will never have enough. This is usually learned from parents and family at a very young age. It is also reinforced by fiat. If you are lose 7.7% of its purchasing power every year you are likely to foment a mindset of scarcity. Those who grew up with it or those who cultivated an abundance mindset were programmed differently. Either way, your mindset around money is ultimately a choice; you can modify or rewrite the program. For some people, it’s easy. For others, it’s almost impossible. And there are people who have a lot of money, but are still not happy.

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