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Decentralized finance is one of the biggest verticals in the blockchain and crypto industry. Unfortunately, it remains a relatively inaccessible industry for those unfamiliar with the jargon and tools. TIDEFI will change that narrative for the better with its one-stop solution app for desktop and mobile.

Improving access to decentralized finance

There are many reasons why people are excited about decentralized finance. It is an industry where one can use cryptocurrency assets in different ways. This allows asset holders to explore passive income streams by providing cash, staking, yield farming or otherwise. However, getting into the space remains a huge hurdle, as users need different types of software – depending on the type of device – to access everything.

TIDEFI offers a more elegant solution through its unique platform and ecosystem. This is a project designed to strengthen financial inclusion and user empowerment. Moreover, it introduces new features that one would not otherwise have access to in the decentralized world. A good example is limit orders through the decentralized exchange TIDEFI.

TIDEFI co-founder and CEO Daniel Elsawey explains:

“Looking at the industry over the past two years, particularly in the exchange space, we wanted to build a secure DEX that takes advantage of the price discovery and speed of a CEX, while giving the user full control of their funds. Combining this with chain-agnostic interoperability, we are excited to offer a transparent ecosystem that our community can participate in.

Things are rolling fast as TIDEFI nears its mainnet launch and DEX app distribution. The application is compatible with all major desktop operating systems. A native Android and iOS client with a unified experience and interface will launch later in 2022. This unified experience will prove crucial in onboarding millions of new users while also benefiting existing crypto holders.

Distribution of TDFY tokens

A crucial aspect of the DEX mainnet and app launch is the distribution of TDFY tokens. A total of 320 million TDFY will be issued to community members through the TDFY Sunrise Pool. This represents 32% of minted supply at Genesis, with 40% deposited in the community treasury. A transparent approach to provide sufficient liquidity to the token and the Sunrise Pool from day one.

TIDEFI raised £2.5m in seed funding. The project spans a team of 20 members dedicated to its code and ecosystem. Additionally, TIDEFI wants to let the world know that a complex crypto project does not always require ICOs, VC funding, or unsustainable business models. Instead, the team wants to deliver ongoing value through utility.

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