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Ubisoft has officially confirmed that one of its three recently canceled games is Project Q, a game announced in mid-2022 to a disappointed audience. The game was revealed as a “team battle arena” multiplayer experience – but it was the wording of the announcement that raised big suspicions, as players began to wonder if Project Q was a blockchain-based game featuring NFTs.

‘‍Introducing the code name Q Project, a team battle arena let players own the experience! The game is in early development and we will continue to test, so for now all you can do is sign up for upcoming tests,’ Ubisoft announced.

Referencing “ownership” of video games had become fashionable around this time – although the concept was largely tied to the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based games that claimed to provide players with their own personal slice of play. .

Companies seeking to exploit gamers would offer digital goods that gamers could truly “own” – for example, virtual homes costing more than US$900,000 (A$1.3 million) – allowing them to feel part of something bigger. In the market, players would earn a virtual product and a receipt on the blockchain to confirm their ownership.

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Ubisoft has not confirmed the nature of Project Q in its initial announcement, though fans were quick to speculate that NFTs and blockchain-based products would be part of the project. UbisoftQuartza proprietary tool to sell NFTs in games, had just been launched – and Project Q was supposed to be a link.

Quartz ultimately failed to find an audience, with Ubisoft later calling the initiative simply “research‘ as industry trends changed.

In the weeks after Project Q was announced, the company denied it would include NFTs – but the wording around the property was never changed or clarified, leaving many to speculate about the true nature of the game.

Now, it looks like we’ll never know more about what was planned. While closed beta invites were sent out in 2022, allowing players to get a glimpse of its melee-based PvP arena combat gameplay, those players have likely seen the latest previews of the game.

As first reported on Insider gameand later confirmed by VGC, Project Q is officially dead in the water, with Ubisoft’s development team now reassigned to alternative projects.

The other games would have canceled have yet to be detailed, and it’s unclear if these were announced before Ubisoft’s cancellation announcement.

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