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San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ClearCryptos, the mission-driven company leading the way to crypto Optimization, and US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR), the global leader in helping companies conduct business efficiently and successfully with the US government, are thrilled to announce a partnership that will enable federal government contractors to leverage capabilities distinct and unique blockchain technologies.

ClearCryptos (PRNewsfoto/ClearCryptos)

ClearCryptos (PRNewsfoto/ClearCryptos)

This groundbreaking partnership is spearheading the introduction of blockchain technology to all current and future USFCR clients. Facilitate the ability via blockchain to ensure that every contract is effectively implemented and executed, while tracking and documenting every dollar involved.

“We see this as the future of government contracting, so we’re acting now, thinking ahead for our customers, positioning them for ultimate success,” said Eric KnellingerPresident of the Registration of US Federal Contractors.

Under the agreement, ClearCryptos becomes USFCR’s sole blockchain provider, developing a cheaper and faster way to facilitate contractor payments. The partnership will provide USFCR customers with the ability to develop smart contracts based on ClearCryptos blockchain technology, preparing them for next-generation contracts that incorporate Treasury-backed digital currency compensation.

“We look forward to building our relationship with the USFCR to provide ease of use, security, and the improvement of several fundamental friction points in current processes,” said larry lundyCSO of ClearCryptos.

In 2021, the federal government paid approximately $575 billion to federal contractors, including a record number of small businesses – many of which are USFCR clients.

Knellinger continued, “Government contracts are often a slow, opaque process that lacks transparency and accountability. Today’s announcement, powered by ClearCryptos’ state-of-the-art platform, paves the way for the future of government contracts.

ClearCryptos will continue to deploy additional partnerships with companies and communities that share the same values ​​- integrity, trust, resilience – and will seek to safeguard, improve and extend the cryptocurrency space.

Benefits for ClearCryptos Users and Holders

  • Despite market conditions, enterprise solutions will drive growth and sustainability. $CCX is the membership token purchased by these customers to participate in the blockchain solution. This attracts business owners in addition to retail owners. USFCR has represented over 300,000 clients and each of them is a potential corporate client and $CCX holder.

  • Lay the foundations for a new integration of Web 2.0 projects into Web 3.0. $CCX while creating the foundation for large-scale Web 2.0 businesses to fit into cryptocurrency, while solving existing problems in the financial sector. USFCR is a highly respected company that will bring confidence to other enterprise solutions to come forward and want to be part of the ClearCryptos family.

  • Enterprise solutions and retail products that drive sustainability and growth, regardless of market circumstances. Indeed, with each sale, part of the sale will go to the purchase of $CCX to introduce the customer to cryptocurrency and establish their membership within the ClearCryptos ecosystem. Overall, this type of partnership will attract holders every year, and as USFCR grows as a company, ClearCryptos will grow with them.

Eyes on the future

With this partnership, ClearCryptos is working to integrate hundreds of thousands of small, medium and large businesses into cryptocurrencyhelping people to better understand and increase the importance of cryptocurrency for normal daily business. This partnership will be a way to significantly reduce payment times for businesses in the future without the frictions and limitations of current financial systems. Using this blockchain technology, with active monitoring of contracts, the government will be able to meet the small business thresholds, which will benefit both the government and small businesses.

Cryptocurrency Opens doors to small and medium-sized U.S. federal contractors

The U.S. federal government has awarded contracts valued at $575 billion in 2019, compared to approximately $545 billion in 2018. Of the contracts awarded in 2018, the US Small Business Administration estimates that 25.05% (or an estimated $120.89 billion) went to small businesses.

ClearCryptos hopes to move the majority of these contracts to cryptocurrency through their platform, reducing the time it takes for contractors to get paid for their government contracts by more than 95%.

This is an exciting evolutionary step for cryptocurrency in general with crypto projects are beginning to integrate with contract-based Web 3.0 businesses. We look forward to ClearCryptos serving as a major catalyst for the US economy and streamlining, protecting crypto and fiat currency transactions.

USFCR Background

USFCR (US Federal Contractor Registration) is the world’s largest and most trusted full-service government contracting solutions provider. With more than 14 years of experience in the federal marketplace, USFCR has completed more than 200,000 compliant System for Award Management (SAM) registrations for businesses and nonprofits. In addition to managing SAM records, USFCR offers a proprietary platform, the Advanced Procurement Portal, and comprehensive turnkey solutions such as contract consulting and contract lifecycle management to bring federal contractors from registration to award and beyond.

ClearCryptos background

ClearCryptos (CCX), a company based in San Juan, Puerto Ricothe first protocol is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with an aggregated solution that will find the best path for the user to trade cryptocurrencies, providing the user with the best possible rates, while showing them other options .

ClearCryptos trading and analytics is powered by our powerful SiriusIQ DNA platform, which is designed for secure, reliable and scalable workflow, AI, analytics and data automation operations.



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