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Twitter last week released a report on its top trends over the past two years, and finance, including cryptocurrency, is number one on the list.

A representative for the social media company shared that finance is its “fastest growing topic of conversation” on its site right now, and, according to The reportcryptocurrency is at the top of the finance category.

Financial tweets are up 78% year-over-year among average users, meaning they’ve grown in popularity among non-professionals who don’t work in the industry.

The most popular crypto topics on Twitter are Bitcoin, Ethereumand Ripple. After that, gimbal, Challenge, Coinbaseand Binance are other notable topics.

“We are seeing a surge of crypto enthusiasts with people on Twitter 3.2 times more likely to consider investing in crypto than those not on Twitter,” wrote the Chief Financial Officer of Twitter, Jeff Melei, in a blog post.

Conversations about NFTunique tokens that can signify ownership of digital assets, also exploded on Twitter, registering a 242% increase, according to the report. Decentralized Exchanges, dappsand stablecoins are other popular cryptocurrency topics that have seen similar percentage growth on Twitter recently.

When it comes to social tokenstweets about “fan tokens” saw a 994% year-over-year increase.

Twitter Classifieds Bitcoin ATMsNFT shares (shares of companies that invest in NFTs), Zcashand the cryptpunk movement– whose adherents have advocated for digital privacy since the early 1990s – as “emerging topics” on its site. And Twitter speculated that “emerging discussions about entry-level products may make the average person more comfortable investing.”

In its report, Twitter took an unsurprisingly bullish stance on cryptocurrency and NFTs as a whole, given its founder and former CEO Jack DorseyBitcoin passion and Twitter’s launch of the Bitcoin Lightning Network tipping feature and NFT Profile Pictures the integration.

Twitter said cryptocurrency “could help the unbanked,” meaning crypto could be a digital financial alternative for those who don’t have the ability to open or access a traditional bank account. . The social media platform also offered advice for anyone wanting to post NFTs: “Don’t blindly jump on the NFT bandwagon – create something meaningful for your community.”

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