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Disclaimer: The text below is a press release and is not part of editorial content.

Legion Capital, a 10-month-old promising innovative project, is turning heads in the crypto space. Despite the recent market pullback, this alternative coin has seen an unprecedented price increase of 1,100% since the start of the year. While it seems like everyone is experiencing yet another “crypto winter”, Legion holders are more than happy with the performance of this ERC-20 token which boasts an impressive trajectory chart and is now ready to explode.

The Perfect Storm: Deflationary Tokenomics. Daily Redemptions. Digital assets backed by tangible and real products

Why is this revolutionary project thriving in a bear market? Legion’s unique business model delivers the perfect storm of deflationary tokenomics, daily redemptions, and powerful revenue-generating digital assets backed by tangible, real-world products. Commodities such as oil, natural gas, high yield agriculture, real estate, etc..

By allocating profits from their acquired assets for buybacks, Legion’s model produces a deflationary token designed for an ever-increasing price floor and long-term sustainability. For example, so far Legion has burned 1.74 billion $LEGION tokens – removing over 17% of its own coin from circulation forever. And they’re just getting started. These deflationary tokenomics create a scarcity of $LEGION tokens, which will play a key role in the future real utility of the project, exclusively for $LEGION holders.

Eliminate the uncertainty and complexity of cryptography

The reality is that most investors don’t have the time, capital, or industry experience to take advantage of the greater opportunities that blockchain technology has to offer. Legion Capital, which already holds several million dollars in assets, fills this gap by offering a simple yet exciting solution for anyone to take advantage of crypto’s most powerful income-generating assets.

Legion’s goal is to take the uncertainty and complexity out of crypto by doing the heavy lifting – and providing a simple gateway for anyone who wants to benefit from the biggest crypto ventures.

Pillars of success: discipline, transparency and balance

Everything Legion Capital does – from investment strategies, buyouts, marketing, website design, corporate structure, and more. – is methodically and rigorously analyzed before its execution. The team’s vision is highly dependent on its ability to (1) attract new users to its platform and (2) generate consistent cash flow from successful investments.

The team believes that integrity is imperative to success and has structured the project so that everyone can see, through their Complete Dashboard, the performance of their investments in real time. In addition, the team does not earn money unless its investments are profitable. And profitable investments are directly correlated to $LEGION redemptions. The end result: the team only wins when the $LEGION holders win.

Finally, Legion Capital believes that balance paves the way to prosperity and fulfillment. For example, the project donates 5% of all profits to charitable causes around the world because they believe in giving back and doing good. They even go so far as to close their Telegram chat every Sunday and encourage their community to spend quality time with loved ones or go out and do what they love.

About Legion Capital

In 2017, Legion’s talented team with decades of combined experience in business, finance and strategy began investing in cryptocurrencies. On the way to building a multi-million dollar portfolio, they found that navigating the crypto space was often overwhelming.

Developing and managing a successful crypto portfolio is extremely time-consuming, stressful, and complicated. The ongoing research needed to consistently make good decisions and invest in the right projects can be very difficult. After watching many investors miss out on the biggest opportunities in crypto, the team found themselves wondering, “Is there a better way?”

In late 2021, the team set out to create a solution that would allow anyone to enjoy the best of crypto without its vices – and Legion Capital was born. If you want an access point to the strongest assets in crypto, you’ve come to the right place. Legion’s disciplined and structured approach allows the team to use their expertise, time and personal connections to deliver a simple yet incredibly rewarding experience for $LEGION holders.

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