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Zumo, the Edinburgh-based crypto platform, has hired Vicky Byrom as its first chief data and analytics officer (CDAO), a new leadership role tasked with building the data and analytics capabilities of the company. company to best-in-class standards.

Vicky will lead the development of Zumo’s data strategy to meet changing business needs, manage and govern data while ensuring the value of that data is fully realized as a strategic asset. Its objective will be to make data analysis accessible, transparent, secure and useful to the organization.

She will be responsible for establishing a data governance committee to map data across the enterprise, ensuring new data sources are prioritized, ingested and promoted in accordance with regulatory frameworks. Vicky will also oversee the improvement of data literacy across the organization, identifying opportunities to develop data-driven approaches to address business challenges.

Vicky has over 20 years of experience delivering data and analytics projects in the private and public sectors, enabling organizations to effectively use their data to make better decisions. Prior to joining Zumo, she led the data function at fintech payments Modulr, and also led the multi-award winning advanced analytics team for agency Merkle UK.
In 2019, Vicky won the Data IQ award for “Data Analytics Leader of the Year” while working at Merkle. She was also a member of the AI ​​Steering Committee for the Scottish Government which developed the country’s first AI strategy.

Vicky Byrom, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Zumo, said, “I am a data enthusiast and have spent my career bringing order to the anarchy of data. Many organizations claim to be data-driven, but most don’t do it very well. This is because data is often an afterthought.

“It is extremely exciting to join Zumo, a highly respected company that wears its green credentials on its sleeve. This is an opportunity to work with the best in fintech. I look forward to helping Zumo use data more proactively. It is a major asset that can inform customers and business processes as the company moves from start-up to scale-up.

Dagmara Aldridge, Chief People and Culture Officer, Zumo, added, “This is a fantastic hire for Zumo. Everyone knows the power of data and Zumo is no different. Shared and trusted data breaks down silos and provides real-time visibility into organizational activities, enabling sustainable growth, facilitating automation and faster delivery of value to our end customers. Plus, as we scale, accountability and customer touch increase – a data-driven 360-degree view of the customer will help Zumo maintain the human touch and deliver product insights. And Vicky is one of the best in the business when it comes to leveraging and extracting maximum value from data in a responsible and compliant manner. Vicky will also help upskill her co-workers, building data literacy skills across the company. »

The latest in a string of senior executive hires for Zumo, Vicky’s appointment caps off a strong year for the company, which has now more than doubled its workforce in the past 12 months.

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