101 Blockchains’ Black Friday Sale is Starting Early!

The 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale is our biggest Sale of the year with many exciting surprises and discounts. The 101 Blockchains Black Friday 2023 sale starts early so you get a chance to win big first. We are happy to announce that our Black Friday Sale will be live one week before Black Friday.

Just like every year, the Black Friday Sale will continue till Cyber Monday. You can make the most of our Black Friday Sale this year by capitalizing on trends in blockchain and web3. As a pioneer in blockchain education, research, and accredited certifications, we have always strived to deliver effective learning resources to professionals. 

Our valuable learners have helped us turn the 101 Blockchains Sale of the Year into a successful event every time. Your trust in 101 Blockchains and love for our courses and certifications have pushed us forward. Your appreciation fuels our motivation to conduct the Black Friday Sale every year with huge discounts and savings. Let us look at what we have in store for you with the Black Friday Sale in 2023.

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Important Highlights of the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale 2023

101 Blockchains Black Friday sale 2023

The 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale is the biggest sale of the year with the biggest discounts on offer. You can use our published coupon codes during the Black Friday Sale to score impressive deals on 101 Blockchains memberships and certifications. The 101 Blockchains Grand Sale 2023 will help you purchase learning plans and certification courses with huge discounts. The Black Friday Sale is not a special event on 101 Blockchains only. It is a popular tradition associated with the Thanksgiving holidays and marks the beginning of the festive season.

Black Friday falls every year after Thanksgiving Day and the celebrations include a long holiday weekend. On top of it, the celebrations of Black Friday extend till Cyber Monday or the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend. You can jump on the impressive 101 Blockchains offers in this year’s Black Friday Sale a week earlier than the actual Black Friday date. We have decided to start the celebrations for Thanksgiving a week before. Our Black Friday Sale 2023 will begin on November 16, 2023. You can use the following coupons for exclusive Black Friday Sale offers.

  • BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% discount on all of 101 Blockchains’ certifications. 
  • BLACKFRIDAY40 for a 40% discount on 101 Blockchains’ learning plans.

CEO Message 

AvivOn the eve of launching the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale 2023, Aviv Lichtigstein, CEO of 101 Blockchains expressed gratitude to the learners and the team at 101 Blockchains. He stated, “The 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale is an essential part of our culture and a token of our appreciation for our community of professionals dedicated to learning blockchain and web3.

We have consistently given our best to help professionals and beginners in mastering blockchain concepts.” He added, “With the 101 Blockchains best deals during the Black Friday Sale, learners can explore cost-effective blockchain career development tools. We welcome you to participate in our Black Friday Sale 2023 and make it a successful event.”

Why is the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale so special?

The 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale is not about coupons and discounts. You need to look beyond the 101 Blockchains coupons to understand the specialty of our Black Friday Sale. The advantage of our Black Friday Sale is the opportunity to learn about blockchain and web3 concepts within your budget. Instead of buying materialistic objects you will never use, you can invest in your future and pave your path to success.

We begin the Black Friday Sale earlier to ensure that you get early access and benefit from our discounts ASAP. As our Black Friday sale extends until Nov. 27th, you can take your time in choosing the training courses or certifications you want to buy. 

Another reason to wait for the 101 Blockchains Grand Sale is the option of buying blockchain certifications and membership programs as gifts. You can use the Black Friday Sale as an opportunity to buy membership programs or certification courses as gifts for your friends, family, or loved ones. The gift of learning blockchain, Web3, or AI will help the recipient in the long run. In addition, blockchain training courses can guide learners through the mazes of a new technology.

The most crucial value advantage of our Black Friday Sale 2023 is the opportunity to capitalize on the bull market. The upcoming crypto Bull Run in 2024 will radically change the crypto and blockchain landscape. Predictions for the crypto bull market suggest that candidates with blockchain and web3 certifications could capitalize on multiple career opportunities. 

The crypto bull market in 2024 and 2025 means new projects will emerge in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, and metaverse. You can use the Black Friday Sale for cost-effective access to our membership program, which offers unlimited training courses on these topics.

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Why Should You Choose 101 Blockchains for the Black Friday Sale?

Many other platforms offer Black Friday or Thanksgiving sales for blockchain courses and certifications. However, 101 Blockchains provides some unique advantages with accredited blockchain and web3 training courses, which makes the platform unique. Some notable traits separate 101 Blockchains from other platforms as follows.

  • A Massive Collection of Courses

The best reason to choose the 101 Blockchains coupons this Black Friday points to the massive collection of professional training courses we offer. More than 60 professional training courses on blockchain and web3 concepts! On top of it, the advantage of flexible learning with the self-paced training courses provides an effective tool for specializing in blockchain and web3 technologies.

  • Accreditation for Certification Programs

Another prominent reason to use 101 Blockchains best deals in the Black Friday Sale points at the accreditation for certifications. You can utilize the 50% discount on all certification programs on 101 Blockchains this Black Friday Sale. The accreditation of 101 Blockchains’ certifications by the CPD Certification Service, UK, ensures the credibility of the certifications for your professional development.

Most importantly, 101 Blockchains helps you capitalize on the advantage of learning from experienced instructors. The industry expertise of instructors offers a formidable advantage to learners with the opportunity to learn from practical insights experienced by instructors. With experienced instructors at your side, you are more likely to have a seamless and productive learning experience.

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The 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale 2023 begins one week earlier, on November 16, 2023. We have planned the Black Friday Sale to continue till November 27, 2023, or Cyber Monday. You can participate in the Grand Sale and make it a success by purchasing exclusive professional training resources on blockchain and web3. Learn blockchain and web3 from experts at cost-effective prices and prepare for the upcoming crypto bull market in 2024 and 2025. Find more details about the Black Friday Sale 2023 on 101 Blockchains right now.

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