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Fantasy sports and blockchain gaming have the potential to come together and transform the conventional perspectives on gaming. The fantasy sports industry could grow up to $48.6 billion by 2027. The Sorare NFT card trading game is one of the most popular fantasy soccer or football games, which also includes renowned baseball league teams. You can find over 280 soccer leagues and all 30 teams from Major League Baseball. 

Sorare combines the play-to-earn model with unique athlete cards for soccer as well as baseball fans. The fundamentals of Sorare NFT explained for beginners could help you understand how players have to purchase NFTs based on Ethereum. Rather than following the conventional fantasy football games by picking players from a draft, you can claim real ownership of the player cards. 

The popularity of NFTs and fantasy football games presents favorable grounds for growth of Sorare. It is an online fantasy soccer game with the power of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Can you find a Sorare NFT marketplace for trading your cards? How can you play Sorare? Let us find out the answers to these questions with an introductory guide to Sorare in the following post. 

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Definition of Sorare 

Sorare is similar to any other online fantasy football game with a new angle to the traditional approach of collecting and trading football player cards or creating new lineups. The answers to “What is Sorare NFT” point to the use of non-fungible tokens or NFTs for purchasing, ownership, and reselling collectible digital cards. 

Sorare users have to create new lineups every week like the traditional methods in fantasy football games. The players can receive in-game points according to the performance of professional football players in real matches. Sorare users have to compete with each other in different leagues to obtain the maximum number of points. 

Another important aspect you need to clear in the definition of Sorare is that it is a game. You can respond to questions like “Is Sorare an NFT?” by highlighting how non-fungible tokens are only a component of the game. Non-fungible tokens introduce the element of ownership over the cards in the game, which you can trade outside the game on secondary marketplaces, such as Rarible and OpenSea. Interestingly, the facility of licensed cards in the game is for players from more than 200 teams. Some of the notable football clubs in the game include AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain FC, Liverpool FC, La Liga teams, as well as Japanese League teams. 

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How Does It Work?

The continuous expansion of the NFT landscape serves as a favorable environment for growing non-fungible tokens. Sorare has been grabbing headlines along with other popular NFT-based card games, such as Gods Unchained. The introduction of newly licensed players from different professional football leagues in Sorare has been one of the prominent reasons for rising popularity of Sorare. 

Therefore, answers to “How does Sorare works?” have become top priorities for beginners to the NFT-based fantasy football game. It is a fantasy football game by its core design, albeit with a different gameplay experience. You don’t have to pick player names during a draft. You can purchase player cards as NFTs and use them in the game with real ownership. The founders of Sorare aim to offer the opportunity for players to improve the game by developing the narrative of the game.

The Sorare NFT cards are completely in the ownership of players, and they can sell the cards as crypto-collectibles. In addition, Sorare players can also earn rare and unique cards alongside distinct crypto rewards. Users can sign up for different leagues, including notable categories like Regional Leagues, Rookie or Under 23 leagues. 

You can create a new lineup for every week by using the cards in your possession. Every week, the points of the players are calculated according to the real performance of the soccer player. Users who earn the highest points are capable of winning special rewards, such as Ethereum tokens and rare cards. 

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Unique Highlights of Sorare 

The fundamentals of Sorare prove its potential as a breakthrough product in the domain of NFT-based fantasy sports platforms. Why should you pay attention to the Sorare token and its applications? The answer would point to the way Sorare has combined fantasy sports games, sports collectibles, NFTs and football. 

It has all the ingredients for a broader target audience, including tech enthusiasts as well as football fans. Non-fungible tokens are not new in the domain of sports, particularly with examples like NBA Top Shot. However, the NFT collectibles on NBA Top Shot do not offer a gaming experience.

Sorare has become a top NFT-based card game with a fantasy sports element. The genuine and competitive gameplay in Sorare has made it a popular choice regardless of the pay-to-win aspect. Players can also invest money in building better teams and have better chances of winning lucrative rewards. 

The credibility of the Sorare NFT marketplace also depends on the fact that the game has official licenses from different soccer leagues worldwide. As a result, it features real team names, NFT art, and player photos. The widespread licensing of Sorare serves as a formidable competitive advantage for the game. 

Football, also referred to as soccer in the US, serves as one of the primary factors which can drive the popularity of Sorare. Virtual tournaments in the game offer an exciting opportunity to stay engaged with favorite teams and follow the teams of other users and their performance. The most striking highlight of the game is evident in the benefits of Sorare NFT explained to players. Sorare serves as a comprehensive tool for using NFTs to earn money through trading and selling their cards on secondary marketplaces. On top of it, Sorare also serves as a promising platform for developing a global community of football fans.

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Methods to Play Sorare

The interesting advantages of Sorare are convincing reasons to start playing the game now. However, it is important to follow the best practices for accessing Sorare. You need to move beyond answers for “How does Sorare works?” and seek the ideal ways to access the game. You can play the game on your mobile or desktop, according to your preferences. On top of it, the simple gameplay helps you familiarize yourself with the game in a few steps. Some of you might have doubts regarding the minimum investment required for playing Sorare. Interestingly, Sorare is free-to-play, and you can start playing by registering on the Sorare website.

Players can sign up on the Sorare website and unlock the ‘Common’ player cards by following certain steps. You have to select a club logo and name after signing up on Sorare. In the next step, you have to join the ‘Casual League’ and then choose the top three favorite football clubs. You would receive the free player cards drawn randomly according to the choice of favorite clubs. It is important to look for ‘what is Sorare NFT’ in the gameplay of Sorare. 

Remember that the free player cards can help you participate in the Casual League only. Players would need five ‘Rare’ cards to join tournaments where they can win rewards in ETH and rare cards. Players can purchase the cards from the Sorare NFT marketplace or other secondary marketplaces supporting the game. How can you play the game as a complete beginner?

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Tournaments are a core element in the gameplay of Sorare. Beginners have to start with the Casual League, where players can join weekly tournaments to earn rewards and points. Sorare offers tutorials for navigating different features of the game in the form of a beginner’s guide. The guide can help you understand the format of the SO5 League games and ways to earn points. 

However, the best experience of Sorare NFT games starts with the Casual League. It can help you learn everything about the game before you approach more challenging ventures in the game. In addition, the Casual League also offers you a broader window of time for gathering cards which can help you in other rewarding leagues with progression of the game.

The responses to “Is Sorare an NFT?” can show beginners that they can own their digital assets in the game. Apart from the digital ownership of cards, you have to focus on building your time. It is important to choose players who are on the field regularly as they can help in earning points for you. 

The game’s interface offers a detailed list of the top-rated players in terms of corresponding average ratings. You should choose the players with higher average ratings visible on the card of each player. The highlight ‘NG’ next to a player implies that they don’t have any games in the upcoming game week. 

The outline of the methods to play Sorare NFT explained for beginners would emphasize the need for building teams with 5 players. You need a goalkeeper, defender, forward, midfielder and extra in your Sorare5 or SO5 squad. The ‘Extra’ slot serves as a fill-in for another important team position. You can fill the position with a forward, defender or midfielder to score points. Managers can shuffle the team afterward based on predictions of player performance. 

Just like a regular fantasy football game, you must also assign a captain for your team. You can select the captain of the team by clicking on the ‘C’ icon on the desired player’s card. Remember that the ‘captain’ of the team can earn 20% additional bonus points within one game week. Once you are satisfied with the lineup, you can click on ‘Confirm’ and finalize the team.

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Premium Cards

Another significant highlight in Sorare’s gameplay points at premium cards. After completing the initial onboarding procedure, the platform redirects you to the Sorare NFT marketplace for purchasing premium cards. You can find a “New Cards” section on the marketplace which helps you in bidding on the new cards added in Sorare. Users can also explore the “Transfer Market” section of the marketplace for selling their NFT cards at a specific price. 

Non-fungible tokens introduce a radical difference between traditional collectible card games and Sorare. NFTs enable users to exercise complete ownership over the items they receive in the game. Every Sorare NFT card features certain unique details, which prevent duplication of the card or ownership. Documentation of the following card details on a blockchain network ensures that no one can tamper with asset ownership.

  • The card showcases details of the season minted or the time when the card was minted on Sorare. 
  • A serial number of the card indicates its identifying number.
  • Sorare premium cards feature the logo of the current club of the player.
  • The cards also include the player’s squad number or shirt number alongside the player’s position in the team. 
  • In addition, the Sorare NFTs also illustrate the current age and nationality of the player.

All the information about Sorare NFT explained on the card is based on the time when the card was created on Sorare. You have to select cards that are more likely to perform in real matches, thereby rising in value. 

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Rarity of Premium Cards

The detailed overview of “How does Sorare works?” should also include insights on rarity of the premium cards. You can find different player cards in the game, categorized according to color and different rarity levels. The four categories of Sorare cards according to rarity include Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique cards. Here is an overview of the details of each type of card in Sorare other than the ‘Common’ cards.

sorare premium cards rarity

  • Limited cards are yellow in color, and 1000 copies are minted for every player in each season.  
  • The Rare cards are red in color, and 100 copies of every player are minted in each season. 
  • The Super Rare cards are blue, and only 10 copies of each player are created every season. 
  • Unique cards in Sorare are black or brown in color, and they are the most expensive ones in the game. Only one unique card is minted for each player every season. 

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Can You Auction the Sorare Cards?

The gameplay of Sorare is appealing as it combines NFTs with fantasy football. Players have the opportunity to obtain real financial rewards for participating in the game. How? The player cards in your possession could increase in value and fetch favorable returns on your initial investment. A Unique card of Cristiano Ronaldo on Sorare sold for $290,000 in 2021. 

You can use the Sorare NFT marketplace to sell your Sorare premium cards directly. Some players participate in Sorare for the digital collectibles experience, while some are in the game for the sake of football. However, a major share of Sorare users is actively invested in trading NFTs to earn money. Here are some simple steps for auctioning off your non-fungible tokens. 

  • Access your Sorare account by using your credentials and clicking on the “My Club” option.
  • Select the “Cards” option.
  • Choose the card which you want to sell. 
  • Click on the “Sell My Card” option.
  • Review the selling prices of the card in the pop-up window.
  • Enter the desired selling price and click on the “Sell” button. 
  • You will find a confirmation message where you can check the selling price of the card once again. 
  • Finally, you have to click on “Yes” to complete the transaction.

Within the next 48 hours, your Sorare token card will be up for sale. If the card remains unsold by the expiry of the listing, the NFT card will stay in the player’s gallery. In the event of a successful sale, you can receive an email alert in the game. Subsequently, the concerned card would be removed from the gallery as well as future competitions in the game.

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Scoring Mechanism of Sorare

The talk about non-fungible tokens in the Sorare gameplay can overshadow the importance of the scoring mechanism. An individual score of the player depends on the score of all five players. The score involves a percentage point bonus, which depends on the different attributes in the player cards. Another important aspect in scoring Sorare NFT explained for beginners would be performance points, which indicate the efforts of the player. 

Sorare evaluates the performance points of players in collaboration with Opta Sports, a British sports analysis company. Furthermore, the performance points of players depend on decisive scores and all-round scores. The decisive score depends on decisive actions such as assists and goals, while the all-round score depends on the overall conduct of players. 

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The striking features of Sorare make it a formidable player in the domain of NFT-based games. It introduces the perfect blend of NFTs, fantasy football, strategy and a seamless gameplay experience for players. On top of it, the understanding of ‘what is Sorare NFT’ also points to the widespread licensing advantage of Sorare. 

Football fans from all over the world could find an opportunity to use their knowledge of the game to earn rewards. In addition, the simple onboarding process and distinct categories of NFT cards in Sorare according to rarity leave little room for confusion. With the backing of powerful collaborators, Sorare is already the next big thing in NFT card games.

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