101 Blockchains’ Christmas Sale is Starting Early!

The world is gearing up for the end of another year with the joy of Christmas all around. We have some exciting news for you to boost your Christmas spirits. The 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale 2023 is also on its way with some of the most exciting offers for learners. 101 Blockchains is the pioneer in blockchain, web3, and AI training and certification with diverse offerings to help you develop your expertise. The Christmas Sale will go live soon on 101 Blockchains with some amazing deals for our beloved learners.

The Christmas Sale allows us to spread the joy of learning among all of our beloved learners. Anyone interested in learning blockchain can capitalize on the benefits of this year’s Christmas Sale. 101 Blockchains understands the growing importance of blockchain and web3 technology as top choices for career development. 

Our aim with the Christmas Sale is to help all aspiring learners access our training and certification resources at lower prices. Take a look at what we bring you with this year’s Christmas Sale. Discover the gifts for success in your blockchain and web3 career with a pioneer in blockchain and web3 training.

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What Do You Get In the 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale This Year?

101 Blockchains Christmas Sale

The 2023 Christmas sale, or the 101 Blockchains Grand Sale, is one of our most awaited events of the year. The celebrations for Christmas on 101 Blockchains start on December 23rd. The Sale will continue for five days after Christmas till December 30th.

What are the special highlights of the 101 Blockchains Year-End Sale that help learners achieve their career goals? You will get a 30% discount on our learning plans by using the coupon code XMAS30 at checkout. Learners can capitalize on the discount to make the most of our following learning plans.

The Standard Plan is a perfect resource for anyone who wants to dive into the world of blockchain and web3 but without the need for a certification. With our 101 Blockchains Sale of the Year, the Standard Plan would be available with a discount of 30%. That means our Standard learning plan is available at an amazing price of $25 per month right now. The impressive discount on the Standard Plan helps you save money as well as pursue an effective path for learning blockchain and web3.

What does the standard plan include? The Standard learning plan gives unlimited access to all the professional courses in our training library (over 55 courses on various subjects and difficulty levels). The Standard learning plan also grants you access to our skill and career paths. The skill and career paths feature a collection of selected training resources for specific skills and career roles to help you master a skill from beginner level all the way to pro. 

Another important reason to choose the Standard learning plan in the 101 Blockchains Christmas sale is the assurance of a 40% discount on all of our certification programs. On top of it, you can also enjoy many other exclusive advantages. For example, access to on-demand sessions, live research sessions, live events, and members-only live sessions.

If you want to prepare for jobs in blockchain and web3, you should leverage this year’s 101 Blockchains Grand Sale to your advantage. The Premium learning plan includes unlimited access to all the courses in our training library as well as unlimited access to all certification programs. On top of it, the Premium learning plan also moves one step ahead of the Standard learning plan by offering premium support for CV design and a customized study counselor. In addition, the Premium plan also helps you apply for job listings on 101 Blockchains Jobs.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Join our Premium plan now and get access to exclusive web3 & blockchain job listings on 101 Blockchains.

Why Should You Participate in the 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale?

The 101 Blockchains Year End sale has always been one of the most awaited events by all learners interested in blockchain technology. Interestingly, the value advantages of the Christmas Sale extend beyond the discount on our popular learning plans. Here are some of the notable reasons to participate in this year’s Grand Sale on 101 Blockchains.

  • Professional Training and Certification at Low Prices

The most important reason to choose the 101 Blockchains Sale of the Year is the assurance of professional training and accredited certifications at low prices. With the Christmas Sale, you can pick any learning plan and enjoy unlimited access to 101 Blockchains’ training library.

  • Guidance for Career Development 

Another crucial reason for choosing the 101 Blockchains Grand Sale is the assurance of career development. How? Learners can access the desired career and skill paths to shape their journey of career development in blockchain and web3. You can choose any skill or career path with our discounted learning plans in the Christmas Sale.

The skill and career paths offer an easy and straightforward approach to building your expertise in a specific domain or a job role. For example, you can specialize in NFTs or smart contract development with our skill paths. You can also choose career paths to prepare for roles like blockchain developer or web3 security expert.  

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Get Ready for the Magic with 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale

The 101 Blockchains Year End sale helps you celebrate the spirit of Christmas with excitement for launching your career in blockchain, Web3, or AI. With the 30% discount on our learning plans, the Christmas Sale helps you access every training course in our content library at a great price. In addition, you can also use the Sale to obtain a discount on the Premium learning plan that offers unlimited access to our accredited certification training courses. The gift of learning on the eve of Christmas could help you, as well as your loved ones, embrace a promising career path in blockchain and web3. Start preparing for your career in blockchain and web3 with our Christmas Sale 2023.

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