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Blockchain has showcased one of the most successful examples of introducing innovation in the domain of technology. Blockchain continues to make significant strides in innovation by fuelling projects in NFTs, metaverse, and web3. Therefore, it is important to reflect on the ways in which blockchain can gain global attention. The Paris Blockchain Week is one of the most notable global events revolving around blockchain and web3. 

Interestingly, 101 Blockchains has become one of the official partners of the Paris Blockchain Week 2024. The 101 Blockchains community can leverage this groundbreaking collaboration to their advantage. 101 Blockchains members can participate in an event that celebrates the rise of blockchain and web3. Let us take you through some of the important details of the Paris Blockchain Week and how it can help you.

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Your First Introduction to the Paris Blockchain Week

Anyone who hears about the Paris Blockchain Week for the first time is likely to confuse it with fashion shows. On the contrary, PBW is a premier event in the field of blockchain and web3. It is all set for its 5th year in 2024, and the event will be held from April 8 to 12. Just like last year, the iconic Carrousel du Louvre in Paris will host the event. Paris Blockchain Week is a prominent organization committed to encouraging innovation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in blockchain and web3. 

The annual event brings together thought leaders, developers, investors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and regulators to discuss the potential of blockchain and web3. Last year, the Paris Blockchain Week was held in March 2023 at the Carrousel du Louvre, and it turned out to be the biggest blockchain event in Europe. Almost 8500 people attended the PBW 2023, with more than 300 sponsors and 400 speakers gracing the event. The Paris Blockchain Week 2024 is all set to register more than 10,000 visitors. 


What Will Be On the Agenda for Paris Blockchain Week 2024?

Paris Blockchain Week 2024 will focus on cutting-edge industry advancements, networking opportunities, and insights by keynote speakers. One of the notable themes of PBW 2024 revolves around networking with different web3 and blockchain communities. The event would encourage all the attendees to develop critical connections that can support their business goals. 

The agenda for the Paris Blockchain Week 2024 emphasizes crucial topics in the domain of blockchain and web3. Some of the notable topics on the agenda for PBW 2024 include CBDCs, regulations, open finance, payments, corporate web3, artificial intelligence, and many other concepts.

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Series of Interesting Events at Paris Blockchain Week 2024

Apart from the core agenda of the event, it would also offer a week of other engaging activities. Attendees can participate in a hackathon and a talent fair to explore everything about the world of blockchain and web3. On top of it, Paris Blockchain Week would also host Investors and Founders Day, a special corporate event and a unique VIP experience. 

The Paris Blockchain Week Hackathon will be held from April 5 to 7. It would help participants explore new possibilities in the world of blockchain. During this event, programmers can explore their skills for hacking, development, and networking to fuel the next generation of blockchain innovation. 

The Talent Fair will be held on April 8, 2024, and it will be a dedicated day for connecting employers with talented professionals. The special event would serve as a bridge between recruiters from top web3, crypto, and digital asset firms and the best learners, professionals, and candidates. 

On the evening of April 9, the Paris Blockchain Week will host a world-class VIP experience. It would involve a private viewing of masterpieces in the Louvre museum and a splendid dinner under the majestic pyramid. 

Attendees at the PBW 2024 can also attend the special corporate event on April 10. The event would attract corporates from TradFi and other industries to utilize blockchain and web3 technologies alongside new business models. The corporate event would also host a dedicated corporate breakfast. 

The Investors and Founders Day will be celebrated on April 11 in a dedicated hall at the Carrousel du Louvre. It would provide the ideal platform for interacting with web3 startup founders and investors. The Investors and Founders Day would also give you the opportunity to learn important market insights about latest innovations.

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Who Will Attend the Paris Blockchain Week?

As it steps into its 5th year, the Paris Blockchain Week gets bigger, with many industry experts attending the event. Here is a list of the top names that would grace PBW 2024 with their presence. 

  • David Marcus of Lightspark.
  • Richard Teng of Binance.
  • Paolo Ardoino of Tether & Bitfinex.
  • Denelle Dixon of Stellar Development Foundation.
  • Silvio Micali of Algorand.
  • Robby Yung and Yat Siu of Animoca Brands.
  • Marieke Flament of Near Foundation.
  • Yonni Assia of eToro.
  • Jeremy Alliare of Circle.
  • Claire Calmejane of Societe Generale.

How Can 101 Blockchains Community Members Make the Most of PBW?

The members of 101 Blockchains community can purchase Pro, VIP, and Max tickets for the Paris Blockchain Week 2024 at a discount of 15%. You can use the coupon code VIPA101 to avail the discount. As the official partner of PBW 2024, 101 Blockchains will offer more than an appealing discount on PBW Summit tickets. The independent blockchain and web3 training and certification provider has some interesting offers planned for its community. You have to wait and stay updated with the 101 Blockchains community to grab the best offers.

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Final Words

The Paris Blockchain Week 2024 is shaping up into a massive event for the blockchain and web3 industry. With industry experts from different organizations gracing the event, it is a treasure trove of insights and opportunities in the world of blockchain and web3. The previous edition of the Paris Blockchain Week emerged as the biggest blockchain event in Europe. 

As PBW 2024 expects more than 10,000 visitors, it could set another benchmark for community events in blockchain and web3. 101 Blockchains has become the official partner of Paris Blockchain Week 2024 and offers a 15% discount on all tickets to PBW. Grab your opportunity to dive into the world of blockchain and web3 with 101 Blockchains at Paris Blockchain Week right away.

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