A Comprehensive List Of Blockchain Security Tools

The growth of blockchain technology has raised new concerns about its security. As of now, the value of assets on blockchain networks has crossed the $1 trillion mark. Therefore, it is important to look for a comprehensive blockchain security tools list to fight against prominent security threats. The evolution of the blockchain ecosystem also invites innovative tactics by cybercriminals for compromising blockchain security.

Decentralized technologies have offered a strong foundation for growth of innovation. However, the advantages of decentralization could not overshadow the unique challenges to blockchain security. For example, decentralization introduces transparency, and hackers could leverage the transparency to identify vulnerabilities in smart contract code.

At this point of time, questions like “What does blockchain use for security?” present significant concerns for blockchain projects and professionals. Blockchain security leverages a combination of different cybersecurity principles and best practices alongside tools for mitigating security risks.

Blockchain security tools or security software can provide better transaction integrity and data protection. In addition, blockchain security tools can also improve the management of access controls alongside providing timely notifications about discrepancies. Let us learn more about some of the most popular security tools used in the domain of blockchain.

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What are the Top Tools for Blockchain Security?

Security tools serve as an important component of blockchain security with their unique functionalities. Interestingly, you can find a broad range of additions in a blockchain tools list for ensuring security of your valuable blockchain apps and assets. Blockchain security is an essential priority for small businesses, financial institutions, technology companies, government agencies, manufacturers, healthcare organizations, and developers.

What are the top tools for blockchain security you can use right now? The blockchain ecosystem has hundreds of tools that can help you safeguard blockchain security at all costs. Interestingly, the collection of blockchain security tools features platforms that help in monitoring blockchain networks and dApps for security discrepancies. Here is an outline of different popular tools for blockchain security with a brief overview of their functionalities.

  • Beosin Eagle Eye Platform

Beosin Blockchain Security Tool Beosin Eagle Eye is one of the best blockchain tools for ensuring security of blockchain networks and solutions. It provides round-the-clock security monitoring and real-time notification services for different blockchain networks. Beosin Eagle Eye sends security alerts and notifications to customers when it detects discrepancies and security risks such as flash loans or hacks. One of the formidable advantages of Beosin Eagle Eye is the faster identification of high-risk transactions. It leverages off-chain and on-chain data analysis alongside multi-dimensional security assessments for improving blockchain security.

Consensys Dilligence Consensys Diligence is a comprehensive smart contract audit service that supports everyone, including established corporations and startups. It can help you in the deployment and maintenance of Ethereum-based dApps and smart contracts. Consensys Diligence offers access to some of the popular blockchain security tools for comprehensive analysis and hands-on review in smart contract audits.

It supports you in effective and early code audits during the development process to prevent potential vulnerabilities. The APIs on Consensys Diligence provide affordable smart contract security tools alongside the assurance of error-free code. On top of it, developers can integrate Consensys Diligence tools in their development environments for continuous security analysis. Furthermore, the platform also offers a vulnerability report with details of the vulnerabilities and suggestions for risk mitigation.

Chainalysis Another popular tool for blockchain security is Chainalysis. It is a cryptocurrency analytics software that helps financial institutions and regulators prevent malicious actors from using cryptocurrencies in illegal activities, such as extortion and money laundering. Chainalysis is one of the top blockchain security tools with different features that offer value-added improvements.

For example, the Chainalysis Reactor serves as an intuitive interface for conducting an in-depth investigation into the origins and ownership of crypto transactions. Chainalysis KYT also helps in ensuring monitoring of transactions for compliance with essential regulatory requirements. Interestingly, the interface of Chainalysis has been designed for intuitiveness and to ensure alignment with workflows recommended for anti-money laundering.

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Elliptic The list of top platforms that offer blockchain security tools also includes Elliptic, a trusted destination for crypto compliance services. It is one of the prominent additions to a blockchain tools list for addressing the requirements for managing financial crime risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

On top of it, businesses can also rely on Elliptic for blockchain analytics to access accurate and relevant insights for over 100 different crypto assets. Regulatory compliance and AML monitoring can play a crucial role in building trust between regulators, partners, other stakeholders, and customers.

Slowmist SlowMist Technology is another platform that has come up with exclusive tools for blockchain security. It was created in January 2018 and has emerged as a prominent tool for defense against blockchain security threats. The team members behind SlowMist have extensive experience in world-class cyber safety engineering.

As one of the popular blockchain security tools, SlowMist serves some of the top projects worldwide. SlowMist follows a distinct approach to delivering threat detection solutions. In addition, the integrated threat defense solutions by SlowMist can help in dealing with existing local conditions for blockchain security.

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Hacken The most important reason to focus on blockchain security is the sensitive data stored in blockchain applications. Malicious actors could seek vulnerabilities in blockchain solutions as an easy way to make some profits. Hacken can help you ensure safeguards against such vulnerabilities with comprehensive penetration tests.

It is one of the top additions to a blockchain tools list for security of blockchain applications. Blockchain applications address many other functionalities, including smart contracts, online transaction management, and asset ownership management. With the help of comprehensive audits by Hacken, blockchain solutions could stand up to the challenges of prominent security issues.

Forta Forta is an emerging entry among the top tools for ensuring blockchain security. It is a decentralized monitoring network that supports real-time detection of threats in web3 systems. As one of the best blockchain tools for security, it leverages the power of machine learning to generate insights about scams, exploits, and different threats from a community of web3 security experts.

The Scam Detector on Forta could help in scanning web3 wallets for screening pre-signed transactions. In addition, DeFi developers could create and use custom detection bots for monitoring the security of DeFi protocols. On top of it, the Attack Detector bot in Forta can offer real-time alerts for threats to investors.

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Harpie The next addition among important tools for blockchain security includes Harpie. It is the first variant of on-chain firewall for protecting blockchain users against theft, hacks, and scams. The tool monitors your wallet multiple times in a second and stops transactions when it detects any possibility of foul play.

It offers immediate updates on the new vulnerabilities identified in blockchain wallets. In addition, Harpie also leverages the largest and most updated database of malicious addresses to prevent security breaches. Most important of all, Harpie also offers easy access to a broad collection of resources and information on new and historical web3 scams.

Trail of Bits Trail of Bits is also a renowned choice in blockchain security tools list for safeguarding the most popular web3 solutions. It is a leading blockchain auditing platform and also provides the advantage of designing open-source web3 security tools. Trail of Bits could help blockchain companies strengthen smart contract security alongside understanding and managing contract storage.

It stands out from the crowd with powerful functionality for identification of different vulnerabilities possible in the world of blockchain and web3. Trail of Bits also creates industry-leading tools for web3 developers. As a matter of fact, it is the creator of Slither, a popular web3 security tool.

pocket universe logo Pocket Universe is an accessible blockchain security tool for maintaining safety of your assets during transaction signing. The responses to “What does blockchain use for security?” could point to the functionalities of Pocket Universe for identifying and reporting malicious transactions.

On top of it, you can avail of Pocket Universe as a free browser extension. The tool also helps you understand which assets are transferred with your signature. Most important of all, it provides insurance of up to $2000 if users lose their assets under the platform’s protection. Pocket Universe has over 60,000 users and analyzes more than 100,000 signatures every day.

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Arbitrary Execution Arbitrary Execution is also one of the most popular tools for blockchain security, which safeguards web3 protocols, users, and their assets by leveraging continuous security solutions. It is a notable addition to blockchain tools list for maintaining a focus on engineering for security of decentralized technology.

The platform relies on the capabilities of its team of security researchers to strengthen blockchain security. The security researchers could capitalize on their security expertise, attacker mindset, tactics, and techniques for safeguarding the web3 ecosystem. Interestingly, Arbitrary Execution has successfully completed more than 45 audits on web3 projects and protocols.

On top of it, the platform has developed tools for continuous monitoring of blockchains to identify anomalous activity. Most important of all, Arbitrary Execution has also introduced the Web3 SDLC, which serves as a valuable framework for integration of security in the web3 development lifecycle.

SharkTeam The list of notable players in the domain of blockchain security also features emerging names such as SharkTeam. It provides smart contract audits, incident response, and chain analytics services. SharkTeam makes it to the list of best blockchain tools for security with proven effectiveness in ensuring web3 security.

The team behind SharkTeam has envisioned comprehensive protection for security in web3. As a matter of fact, the effectiveness of SharkTeam in facilitating blockchain security depends on expertise of senior researchers and security experts. The security experts can leverage their knowledge of blockchain and smart contracts to offer a stronger security infrastructure to protect blockchain solutions.

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ChainAegis The collection of the best security tools for blockchain and web3 also includes players like ChainAegis. It provides a broad range of services for ensuring blockchain security, such as risk warning, intelligent analysis, and protocol ranking. The on-chain security analysis tool serves real-time monitoring advantages alongside responsive notifications for blockchain transactions.

It depends on extensive address labeling with markers for specific risk types, such as ransomware and fraud, to ensure comprehensive risk identification. Users could leverage ChainAegis for round-the-clock address monitoring and timely notifications for suspicious transaction behavior. You can also use the customization feature on ChainAegis for personalized configuration of monitoring rules suited to distinct requirements.

ERC-20 Verifier The comprehensive list of top blockchain security tools would also include ERC-20 Verifier. It is a popular analysis tool that helps in confirming whether smart contracts adhere to the ERC-20 format. OpenZeppelin offers the ERC-20 Verifier tool for confirming the underlying structure of smart contracts verified on Etherscan. Users can rely on ERC-20 Verifier for scanning known smart contracts, and developers could have a detailed impression of the underlying logic in smart contracts.

MythX MythX is also another popular addition to a blockchain security tools list with its functionalities for EVM smart contract security analysis. The most noticeable highlight of MythX is that it focuses on EVM smart contracts only. Developers can capitalize on the functionalities of MythX with popular IDEs like Remix.

In addition, MythX also offers flexibility for use with Truffle for enhancing the security pipeline before and after deploying smart contracts. The service helps in adjusting the severity of analysis. Most important of all, MythX leverages fuzzing for identifying Solidity code vulnerabilities before the production stages.

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The outline of popular blockchain security tools shows that you have multiple options for protecting blockchain solutions. As the blockchain ecosystem matures and evolves with the introduction of web3 technologies, it is important to focus on blockchain security. You need reliable best practices alongside the right tools for addressing different precedents of blockchain security.

For example, audit tools can help in monitoring smart contract code for errors before deployment. On top of it, you can also find platforms that offer real-time monitoring or blockchain security analytics. Developers could use some blockchain security tools with the benefit of integration in the development lifecycle for strengthening blockchain security. Learn more about the fundamentals of blockchain security and best practices for safeguarding your new blockchain-based projects.

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