The G2 Winter 2024 Reports: 101 Blockchains Earned Record-breaking 42 Badges

The G2 Reports for Winter 2024 have been announced, and 101 Blockchains has earned 42 badges in total. We have become the leading platform that offers research and training in the domain of blockchain. In addition, we have turned our focus towards web3 technologies and other topics such as AI, fintech, and IoT. 

The G2 Winter 2024 Reports showcase a clear impression of our performance in creating top-tier professional training. We specialize in skill development for professionals working in the domain of technology and beyond.

We have earned badges in two main categories in the G2 Report, the Online Course Provider and the Technical Skill Development. We have also earned the “High Performer” and “Momentum Leader” badges that have boosted our confidence. On top of it, we have successfully earned the “Users Love Us” badge once again. Let us take a detailed look at our achievements in the G2 Reports for Winter 2024.

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Important Highlights of the G2 Winter 2024 Reports 

101 Blockchains emerged as a pioneer in the field of blockchain training and certification. We also specialize in training courses and certifications on web3 technologies, AI, fintech, and IoT. As we move ahead in our journey of continuous improvement, we have crossed new milestones alongside setting new benchmarks. 

With over 55 professional training courses in our library, we are an emerging momentum leader in blockchain and web3 training. The new courses, masterclasses, and certifications on AI, IoT, and fintech also improve our credibility as a technical course provider. 101 Blockchains also offers other interesting resources, such as a free blockchain fundamentals course, on-demand webinars, flashcards, and presentations. You can also become a part of a community of experts with the 101 Blockchains Premium plan. On top of it, you can also search for jobs in our new Job Portal and get help preparing for your exciting interviews.

The results of the G2 Winter 2024 Reports serve as proof of our commitment to serving learners with comprehensive technical training. We have achieved 17 badges in the category of Online Course Providers and 24 badges in the Technical Skill Development category. Another interesting addition to our badges from the G2 Winter Reports is the ‘Users Love Us’ badge.

It is a marker of the love and trust of our learners in our training resources and certifications. The ‘Users Love Us’ badge also proves that our learners have received value benefits that actually helped them. It also shows that the value benefits of our courses and certifications encouraged learners to provide honest feedback on our offerings. 

The badges we have earned in the G2 Report prove our expertise in different areas and show we offer quality technical education. One of the prominent highlights in the results of G2 Reports is our growing reach in different markets. We have successfully entered into new markets with comparatively limited presence and significantly higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Apart from earning the badges for ‘High Performer’ and ‘Momentum Leader,’ we have scored badges for ‘Best Relationship’ and ‘Best Support’. On top of it, we have also earned a unique badge this time, known as the ‘Users Most Likely To Recommend’ badge. The badge of ‘High Performer’ for small businesses and in different markets proves our ability to provide exactly what learners need from us.

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Our Accolades in G2 Winter 2024 Reports 

The G2 Reports for Winter 2024 have set new benchmarks for our identity as a reputed online course provider and platform for technical skills development. With the excellent results in the G2 Winter 2024 Reports, we are moving one step closer to achieving our vision. The results have shown us our strengths with a clear impression of what we do best. Our efforts to serve learners with the best professional development outcomes have led us to introduce new offerings for our learners. Apart from introducing new courses, masterclasses, and certifications, we have also introduced accreditation for our certification courses.

G2 has served as a reliable partner for driving us forward throughout the years. It is a credible source of information on what our users think about our services. Every G2 Report has strengthened our decision to emerge as a trusted provider of technical training and education. What makes G2 so special? It uses authentic reviews from users who have actually used the offerings of an online course provider or technical skill development platform to evaluate their performance. Here is an overview of our achievements in the G2 Reports for Winter 2024 in different categories.

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Online Course Providers 

We have earned 17 badges in the Online Course Providers category. The Online Course Providers category evaluates the platforms that offer self-paced training courses. We have earned the ‘Momentum Leader’ badge and ‘High Performer’ badge. In addition, we have emerged as the ‘High Performer’ among Online Course Providers for different markets, enterprise clients, and small businesses.

Here are the badges we have achieved in this category – 

  1. Momentum Leader
  2. High Performer
  3. High Performer – Enterprise
  4. High Performer – Enterprise Americas
  5. High Performer – Middle East & Africa Online
  6. High Performer – EMEA
  7. High Performer – United Kingdom
  8. High Performer – Europe
  9. High Performer – Asia
  10. High Performer – Asia Pacific
  11. High Performer – Americas
  12. High Performer – Small Business
  13. High Performer – Small-Business Middle East & Africa
  14. High Performer – Small-Business United Kingdom
  15. High Performer – Small-Business EMEA
  16. High Performer – Small-Business Europe
  17. High Performer – Small-Business Americas

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Technical Skills Development

In the Technical Skills Development category of the G2 Report, we have scored 24 badges. The most important badges for us in this category include the “Best Support” and “Best Relationship” badges for small businesses. We have also earned the tag of ‘Leader’ for small businesses in the Americas. On top of it, 101 Blockchains has also become a ‘Momentum Leader’ in the Technical Skills Development category. At the same time, the ‘High Performer’ badge for different markets and types of businesses in Technical Skills Development validated our performance in delivering professional training focused on new technologies.

Here are the badges we have achieved in this category – 

  1. Momentum Leader
  2. High Performer
  3. High Performer – Enterprise
  4. High Performer – Mid Market
  5. High Performer – Enterprise Americas
  6. Users Most Likely To Recommend
  7. Best Suppoert Small Buseinss
  8. Best Relationship Small-Business
  9. High Performer – Small-Business
  10. Leader – Small Business – Americas
  11. High Performer – Latin America
  12. High Performer – Middle East & Africa
  13. High Performer – Europe
  14. High Performer – United Kingdom
  15. High Performer – EMEA
  16. High Performer – Asia
  17. High Performer – Asia Pacific
  18. High Performer – Americas
  19. High Performer – Small-Business – Latin America
  20. High Performer – Small-Business – Middle East & Africa
  21. High Performer – Small-Business – Europe
  22. High Performer – Small-Business – Asia
  23. High Performer – Small-Business – EMEA
  24. High Performer – Small-Business – Asia Pacific

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Users Love Us

The ‘Users Love Us’ badge is the most coveted credential for every one of us here at 101 Blockchains. It is a mark of your trust in our courses, certification programs, masterclasses, and other learning resources. Most importantly, the badge shows that our learners take some time to write authentic feedback about our offerings. 

Final Words

Our achievements in the G2 Winter 2024 Reports encourage us to move forward and become the favorite destination for professionals looking for training in blockchain, web3, fintech, AI, and IoT. We have come up with new courses, certifications, and masterclasses on these new topics trending in the world of technology. On top of it, we are also expanding our services into new markets worldwide as we offer accredited certifications, a job portal, and a personalized study plan. The badges earned in all the G2 Reports serve as the catalysts to achieve continuous growth and success.

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