Top Blockchain Development Companies in the U.S. to Work For

Blockchain has become an important technology for its potential to transform different industries, such as finance, IoT, cybersecurity, and healthcare. As the world embraces digital transformation at a faster rate in the aftermath of a pandemic, blockchain has emerged with promising possibilities. The demand for technologies like blockchain has been fuelled by cryptocurrencies and DeFi solutions alongside popular culture. 

You can find lucrative employment prospects at top blockchain development companies in U.S. as it is the frontrunner in blockchain adoption. Investments in blockchain solutions are likely to reach $20 billion in 2024, thereby implying the possibilities for growth in blockchain jobs. The following post helps you learn about the most popular companies in the USA for building your career as a blockchain developer. 

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Why Should You Look for Blockchain Development Companies in the US?

One of the first things you must do before selecting the best blockchain development companies in the U.S. is the fact that the US is the cradle of the blockchain revolution. The United States commands almost 56% of all investments in blockchain technology worldwide and is a global industry leader in blockchain. 

On top of it, working for a blockchain development company in the US can help you earn a location advantage in your salary. Blockchain development jobs in the US pay more than the same positions in other countries. The average annual salary for blockchain developers in the US for entry-level roles can reach up to $110,000. 

Another noticeable reason for pursuing jobs at the most popular blockchain development companies in the U.S. is the scope for innovation. You can find better opportunities for career development by interacting with industry experts in the US. On top of it, easy access to infrastructure in the US also enables professionals to utilize their skills and generate value rather than following a restricted set of responsibilities. 

Most important of all, you should look for a list of blockchain development companies in the U.S., as you can find stable regulatory and economic frameworks. Blockchain development companies don’t have to deal with issues due to regulatory uncertainties alongside ensuring safeguards against unwanted risks.

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How Can You Find the Top Blockchain Development Companies?

The popularity of blockchain encouraged many businesses to come up with blockchain development solutions. However, the United States provided some promising opportunities for the rise of blockchain development companies. Candidates looking for the top blockchain development companies in U.S. would come across multiple alternatives. The best way to find a blockchain development company you should work for in 2023 is to look for different factors in the company. 

For example, you need to check the years of experience of the organization in the US market and the cost of its services. You should also learn about the quality and variety of solutions delivered by the company. On top of it, you can also check the technology stack implemented by the company to determine its credibility. 

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Top Blockchain Development Companies in USA

The review of factors underlying the necessity of pursuing jobs in blockchain development companies in USA proves why you need to choose a blockchain development company now. It is important to identify the best blockchain development companies in the U.S. from the list of thousands of companies. Here is an outline of the renowned blockchain development companies in the US for your career development goals in 2023. 

1. Consensys


The first entry among popular blockchain development companies in the US would point at Consensys. It is one of the leading Ethereum blockchain development companies with its headquarters in Brooklyn, USA. Consensys has been working in the domain of blockchain development since 2014 and has more than 100 developers on its team. 

Consensys qualifies as the best choice from the list of blockchain development companies in the U.S. with a broad assortment of services. The blockchain development company works on creating developer tools alongside enterprise solutions and applications based completely on the Ethereum blockchain. 

One of the most interesting things about Consensys is the fact that they offer a broad range of blockchain solutions for different industries. You can also notice that Consensys delivers a broad range of blockchain solutions across different industries. The services of Consensys, such as asset management, commerce, institutional capital markets, and DeFi, along with a broader product suite. The product suite of Consensys features Metamask, Quorum, Infura, Truffle, and Diligence, which have offered crucial value advantages in the blockchain ecosystem.  

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2. Innovecs


The next addition among the renowned blockchain development companies in the US is Innovecs. It is one of the pioneers in blockchain development and has achieved rapid growth by expanding its client base. Innovecs found its roots in 2011 and has helped many clients leverage the power of blockchain for digital transformation. 

Innovecs has become one of the most popular blockchain development companies in the U.S., with over 250 team members and a broad assortment of solutions. The company offers specialization in blockchain application development alongside distributed document management. 

Innovecs also delivers solutions for loyalty programs, money transfer solutions, and enterprise cryptocurrency platforms. Candidates should look for job opportunities as blockchain developers at Innovecs to explore projects across different industries. For example, developers can work on solutions for industries like retail, e-commerce, and healthcare. 

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3. Deloitte 


Another industry leader you can trust for a career in blockchain development would point at Deloitte. It is not only one of the top blockchain development companies in U.S. but also has a big professional services network throughout the world. The company has multiple locations throughout the US, and it dived into the domain of blockchain in 2014. As of now, Deloitte has handled more than 200 blockchain projects. Apart from developing blockchain solutions for clients, Deloitte has also focused on investments in several blockchain startups. 

The most promising advantages in favor of Deloitte point to the availability of resources for the organization alongside its expertise in technology. It has access to the technology and experienced professionals for developing enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. As an active investor in the blockchain space, Deloitte stands among the top companies for blockchain development in the USA.

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4. Block Daemon

Block Daemon

The top entries among blockchain development companies in the US would also include Block Daemon. It started off in 2017 and has emerged as a top choice for blockchain development. The most noticeable reason for adding Block Daemon among the best blockchain development companies in the U.S. would refer to the strong team of developers. Block Daemon has over 300 dedicated developers on its team, which adds up to its credibility. 

Block Daemon helps in deploying nodes alongside creating scalable blockchain solutions for crypto platforms, exchanges, and fintech. The company provides independent node infrastructure across 40 different blockchain networks, which guarantee effective career development outcomes. Most important of all, you can look for career opportunities with Block Daemon for the advantage of remote working.

5. IBM


The discussions about popular blockchain development companies in the US would also bring IBM into the limelight. IBM is one of the most trusted additions among top blockchain development companies in U.S. to work for. As of now, it is one of the biggest companies using blockchain and has helped over 200 businesses with blockchain-based applications and data governance tools. 

The foremost reason to choose IBM as a blockchain development company to work for in 2023 would point to its reputation of IBM. It has served as a trusted cloud platform and cognitive solution provider for more than a century. On top of it, IBM is the largest employer in the domain of technology and consulting worldwide.

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6. Markovate


Markovate is another US-based blockchain development company you should consider working for in 2023. It has been one of the most reliable blockchain development firms in the USA since its origins in 2015 in San Francisco. Markovate has built its position as one of the most popular blockchain development companies in the U.S. with its blockchain solutions that improve business performance in achieving desired goals. 

The company stands out in the blockchain development market in the USA with expertise in dApp development and the creation of DeFi, and NFT solutions. On top of it, the company also specializes in the development of web3 games alongside integrating KYC/AML or data analytics functionalities in blockchain solutions. 

The working approach of Markovate is one of the foremost highlights which encourage candidates to work for the company in 2023. It can provide support to entrepreneurs for the evaluation of innovative concepts and business ideas alongside the creation of MVP prototypes. Subsequently, Markovate pushes the ideas of clients forward by seeking an ideal product-market fit alongside keeping an eye on continuous growth. 

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7. Bloq


The addition of Bloq to a list of blockchain development companies in the U.S. you should work for in 2023 can seem quite confusing. However, you can find multiple reasons for including Bloq in the list of popular blockchain development companies. The company has created a strong team of expert developers having a proven track record within the blockchain industry. 

Bloq was developed in 2015 out of Chicago and has gained a formidable base in the blockchain development market in US. Bloq also claims a position among the popular blockchain development companies in the US for delivering a robust platform that can support different blockchain applications. Most important of all, the commitment of Bloq to customer service has led to the development of a loyal customer base. 

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8. Mythical Games

Mythical Games

You could also try job roles at blockchain development companies like Mythical Games for a new approach to a blockchain career. Mythical Games helps in developing online experiences and games with the facility for proving actual ownership of digital assets. Mythical Games is one of the top blockchain development companies in U.S., which deal with web3 gaming and the secondary digital economy. The company suggests that verifiable scarcity and ownership of digital assets can help in creating a completely new variety of gaming experiences. 

Blockchain is a massive disruptor for the gaming sector, with the element of decentralization and flexibility for creating and proving asset ownership. Technology can help in changing the conventional perspectives on online gaming by empowering gamers. 

Mythical Games aims to emerge as a frontrunner in the development of blockchain games and offers valuable benefits for aspiring professionals. For example, it offers the facility of remote working alongside flexible work schedules. On top of it, Mythical Games also provides the benefits of diversity, equality, and inclusion in the hiring process.

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9. Appinventiv


The final addition among the blockchain development companies in US you should work for in 2023 is Appinventiv. It is one of the most popular additions among blockchain development companies in US, with expertise in creating more than 6000 solutions. The best thing about Appinventiv as one of the best blockchain development companies in the U.S. is the ability of the company to cater to a wider client base. The team at Appinventiv has more than 500 experienced professionals who can help in creating blockchain-based solutions for different business use cases.            

The breadth of services in blockchain development at Appinventiv is the biggest reason to work with them. You can learn about smart contract development, dApp creation, and MVP prototype creation and build revolutionary solutions. In addition, the clientele of Appinventiv includes top names such as American Express, Adidas, KPMG, and Virgin Group. On top of it, Appinventiv is one of the most reliable options for developing experience as a blockchain developer.

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Final Words 

The opportunity for building your career in blockchain development is bright in the US labor market. First of all, you have the chance to earn higher salaries from blockchain development companies in the US. On top of it, a list of blockchain development companies in the U.S. can help you find a company that allows you to explore the true potential of blockchain technology.

As the demand for blockchain solutions gains momentum across different industries, you can also notice the escalating demand for blockchain developers. Candidate can find their opportunity to work for the top blockchain development companies in the United States with proven skills. Identify the best resources to boost your skills and knowledge in blockchain development with the support of experts now.

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